14 Feb 2013

Pope Benedict stands down

Pope Benedict XVI born on 16.4.1927 at 04:15 in Marktl, Germany

The Pope has announced that he is standing down at the end of this month, February. The last time a Pope resigned was 600 years ago, and this news came out of the blue, taking the world, especially members of the Catholic church, by surprise.

But is it really surprising that an 85 year old man, clearly in ill health and with low energy, wants to stand down from such a high profile office? Benedict, whose real name is Joseph, has not been a particulary charismatic figure, nor as popular as his predecessor. With an aspect colour ratio of 3 red: 3 green: 3 blue in his chart, this might suggest that his energy and inner motivational drive is perfectly balanced, but equal numbers of aspects of each colour suggests there's never enough resting/consolidation time, and that there's too much output of energy. This brings an imbalance which can be sapping to strength and drive.

Benedict's motivation, according to the shaping and aspect patterns in his chart, is to be flexible and restless. He has unaspected Saturn high up in the chart too, which suggests the potential for a lack of feeling and being grounded. The majority of his planets are below the horizon, psychologically in the collective area of the chart. This is where he will feel most comfortable; the demands of high office and of being a prominent figure will have been felt keenly.

Benedict's Age Point is currently in Gemini, in the cardinal zone of the 3rd house of the chart. His Age Point was last here when he was aged 13 - 14, so he's meeting this area of life as an old man, not a young teenager, and with all of his life experience in tow. Decisions such he's made will not have been taken rashly or in a hurry. 

Currently, his Age Point is within orb of unaspected Saturn, to which it is making an opposition. From the psychological perspective of the 3rd house, he is able to view Saturn, and all it may represent for him, from a distance and bow to the needs of his physical body, which needs a rest (Saturn gives the individual a sense of self through the body). Benedict has had the wisdom to acknowledge this and act on it.

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