3 Jan 2013

2013 - New Year, new start

The New Year often marks a change in intention and orientation, as those who make New Year resolutions will know. The renewal of the gym membership, going on a diet or restarting a jogging or fitness programme are just some of good-intentioned resolutions  that are made. All too often we weaken and fall by the wayside as, after a promising start, our enthusiasm falls away. 

Some will look to predictions of the year ahead for their Sun sign to offer guidance of what might happen in the coming year. If you're familiar with this blog and with the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology, you'll know that I don't do predictions of this kind, but instead - as this method is concerned with encouraging people to make their own decisions and take responsibility for themselves - what I'd encourage anyone seeking a new start for 2013 to do is to connect with and develop their own sense of self, their mind and their will. These are all attributes of the SUN in the natal chart, which acts like the conductor of the full orchestral range of the planets in the chart.

Whether it's a new start, a restart at the gym, a diet or a new orientation in life, it's the Sun which will be engaged. To maintain the initial momentum you can connect with and use your Sun in effective ways to keep you on track in 2013. I describe some of these in the video below, and in my book The Living Birth Chart. Happy New Year!

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