12 Nov 2012

BBC in crisis

I've set up the foundation chart for the BBC as it thrashes its way through a major crisis in the wake of the recent child abuse scandals involving the late former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile. The crisis has deepened and events have moved fast - the long-established Newsnight programme on TV appears to have gone awol and the Director-General has resigned, but has been awarded a full year's salary on his departure. You can catch up on the whole sordid chain events at www.bbc.co.uk

The BBC was established under Royal Charter on 1st January 1927, in London. No time for it's foundation is available, so we have a noon chart, but one which reveals some interesting information. The Capricorn Sun, which is always at the top and on the MC in a noon chart, is currently beginning to come into the orb of transiting Pluto. A transit from Pluto is always going to bring change, disruption and a thorough clear out of any rubbish that's been hanging around, perhaps hidden or concealed. Like a surgeon lancing a boil, Pluto will purge - and the BBC has to purge the stigma of paedophilia and child abuse on its own premises - accusations which have come to light following the uncovering of Jimmy Savile's behaviour. It's reputation as "Auntie", as it's fondly referred to, and it's status as a highly respected global broadcaster is at stake.

Also noteworthy is that the Sun is opposite Pluto in the chart, strongly re-enforcing the theme of change and the need to transform. This opposition is on the cardinal Cancer/Capricorn axis; Sun and Pluto are planets with cardinal qualities. The whole situation shouts loudly that something has to be done - immediately.

The foundation chart shows two quadrangular structures. One is composed of blue/green aspects, is pinned by Sun, Moon, Mars and the North Node. It's made up of a Search figure and a Projection figure, both idealistic and relatively passive in themselves, but egged on and animated by the red Node/Pluto opposition. Could this be part of the current wake up call?

Dominating the chart, however, is the quadrangular Streamer pinned by Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. The Streamer has its own direction, the leading planet at the corner with the long aspects (in this case, Neptune) leading the way. This planet receives all three aspect colours (red, green, blue), giving potential for growth. The Streamer can choose the direction it takes, but its goal will be to learn, communicate and acquire information. Great stuff for a broadcasting organisation, but it's time to sharpen up the sharp end and sidestep any Neptunian obfuscation and lack of clarity. As no time for this chart is available, we don't know which house Neptune might be in. And as it's the houses, which are the environment and the outside world, where the expression of each planetary drive comes into its own, knowing the time of birth for the BBC foundation chart would be very interesting indeed.

You can read more about all 40 aspect patterns used in the Huber Method in my book Aspect Patterns in Colour available in book and ebook format. As for the BBC - this is rolling, unfolding story and there's sure to be more to come.   

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