26 May 2012

Tom Jones

Three faces of Tom Jones. Early Jones (before the nose job), with hair and beard dyed, and as he is now. Jones was born on 7.6.1940 at 00.05 in Pontypridd, South Wales.

Jones is one of the high profile British singers who will perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert in London on 4th June. Veteran performers and relative newcomers have been invited to take part and Jones will be in the company of Cliff Richard, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Robbie Williams, Jessie J, Shirley Bassey and Paul McCartney.

Tom Jones's chart is interesting - completely linear with no complete aspect patterns, indicating a cardinal, go-ahead restless energy which could make him tangetial, seeking after new goals. The aspect structure is firmly focussed on the "You" side of the chart, with a concentration of planets spanning the 5th and 6th houses of relationships, creativity and work/service to others. Possibly a good set up for a successful singer who has often experienced being pelted with their underwear by female audiences.

Jones's sex appeal could be attributed to his Pluto in Leo in 7th house. It's close to the DC - what is sometimes called the "doorstep" of the chart in the Huber Method of astrological psychology - as it's the first planet others will encounter when first meeting him. There would be a sense of allure, of power and sexuality (in Jones's case he's played very successfully on this theme throughout his career). Pluto in this position will draw others in and they will not necessarily understand why - there will be a magnetism, perhaps something about the eyes and the general demeanour of the person - which signals "come hither". Take a look at the picture of the early Jones and the last one where he's (thankfully) letting his grey hair show, and you'll see it in his eyes.

As a Sun in Gemini and a Welshman to boot, having the gift of the gab will be second nature. This will be strengthened by his Moon also being in the same sign. In 1963, when his Age Point (AP) was conjunct the Sun, he began performing as front man/vocalist in a Welsh beat group. The period when his AP travelled between Sun and Moon was busy - he released the hit "It's not unusual", followed by several other hits in the UK and US, and started performing in Las Vegas.

Although he  has a home in the US, 2012 sees him returning more often to the UK's green green grass of home, as he's featured in a BBC talent show on TV, "The Voice UK". And now he's poised to take to the stage at the Diamond Jubilee concert, just before his AP reaches 72 and completes one circuit of the chart. It is in the consolidating and reliable sign of Capricorn, and before very long it will be opposite Pluto in 7th house. The allure is still there, but he'll be seeing and experiencing it from a different perspective as he embarks on the second circuit of his chart.

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