15 May 2012

Rebekah Brooks

(Photo courtesy of The Guardian)
Rebekah Brooks, former chief executive of News International and former editor of The Sun and The News of the World was born on 27th May 1968 in Warrington, UK. No time of birth is available so her chart is set for noon, which puts the stellium containing her Sun and Moon right at the top of the chart. But beware, they would be far more likely to be somewhere else in the chart with a correct time of birth. 
Brooks has notoriously been close to, and potentially involved in, the phone hacking scandal which emerged after the mobile of a murdered schoolgirl was apparently hacked into by journalists working for her newspaper. Further scandalous details of phone hacking of a variety of well-known people has emerged, as have implications surrounding her friendship with British Prime Minister David Cameron, set alongside her long term close association with News International mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Brooks has been charged today with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice over the phone hacking inquiry. Charges relate to alleged offences in July last year including concealing documents and computers from police.

What can be gleaned from her chart without a time of birth? The overall aspect pattern shows a predominantly Fixed motivation; there are two quadrangular figures which suggests Brooks wants and needs security and strives towards this. The colour balance of the aspects indicates someone who is more strongly motivated to be busy, active, working, with a ratio of 4 red: 2 green: 3 blue aspects. Cardinal, activity-oriented red will dominate, so in order to feel secure, she will need to be busy.

Aspect patterns involved are a Provocative figure, making her never quiet or lazy and with the capacity to be downright annoying and irritating to others. It's a creative figure, and as such can call forth new ideas and provoke others into action. There's also a Decorative figure, a perfection-seeking aspect pattern which is alert and easily able to decode information and present it in a clear form - very useful for a journalist. These and other aspect patterns are detailed in my book Aspect Patterns in Colour (see details on Books page of this blog).

The strong line-up of planets in Gemini are entirely appropriate for a journalist - news is ephemeral, today's scandal is tomorrow's fish and chip wrapping, and the agile focus of interest is good at moving on to what is new. Brooks is approaching her 44th birthday, placing her Age Point on the Balance Point of the 8th house, from where she may be called, within the next year, to reassess her life and re-orientate herself in the context of both her family and professional life.

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