8 May 2012

David Attenborough

Chart of Sir David Attenborough, born 8.5.1926 in Isleworth, London. Original chart used was set for noon as no time of birth was then available.

Update June 2015 - Attenborough's rectified time of birth of 02.58 (approx) is now available, with a Rodden rating (RR) of C, which puts his Saturn, which I speculated upon in my original post (see below) firmly and authoratively at the top of the chart and in 9th House.

David Attenborough celebrates his 86th birthday today, 8th May. He's well-known and much-respected as a naturalist and is an ever-enthusiastic broadcaster. In spite of his more senior years he's still making stunning wild-life documentaries which take him all over the world and, for me, he has retained his sense of awe, respect and love of the natural world over many decades of broadcasting.

Although no time of birth is available for him, we can look at his chart and get some ideas about where his apparently inexhaustible enthusiasm for his subject might come from. His chart has a high proportion of red aspects which give him a cardinal, go-ahead energy. This will fire his seemingly unstoppable quest to explore, discover and learn more about all aspects of the natural world.

Note, he has 3 planets in Aries, itself an initiatory Sign which wants to get on with things and keep them moving. Mercury (learning, communication) is there along with Moon (his child-like curiosity and ability to engage energetically with his subject) and Venus (a strong urge to relate). Combine these factors and it's not hard to see how his long-term engagement with his subject, as well as his ability to put it across and share it with others, could be partly attributed to these placements in his chart.

There are three distinct aspect patterns in his chart - a Dominant Learning triangle, a Single Ambivalence figure and a Double Ambivalence figure. I'm not going to discuss them here (you can read about all three in my book Aspect Patterns in Colour), but I am going to speculate on the role of Saturn in his chart, as it is a focal point for several aspects.

Saturn relates to systems, structures and organisation, and as such to a scientific mind. Attenborough is a scientist, and to find Saturn acting as a focal point which connects to many of the other planets in his chart isn't altogether surprising. Saturn feeds into the three aspect patterns mentioned, and it's in Scorpio, a Sign whose characteristics include in-depth, forensic-like investigation - very appropriate for a scientist.

Many happy returns to one of my favourite broadcasters, and long may he continue to inspire and educate both on screen and in his other areas of work (just one of them being President of Butterfly Conservation).

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