9 Jan 2012

Stephen Hawking

Scientist Stephen Hawking has turned 70. Born on 8th January 1942 in Oxford, his chart set for noon as his time of birth is not known.

Hawking is highly respected and known for his work as a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. His best-selling book A Brief History of Time is widely known but maybe not so widely read to the end; apparently many people can't understand it. But he is perhaps known equally well for suffering with motor-neurone disease, and for surviving this debilitating disease against the odds for the past 50 years.

Hawking's chart appears as a mass of triangular aspect patterns, dominated by the blue Large Talent triangles. Two conjunctions pin these: Moon/Neptune in Virgo, and Saturn/Uranus in Taurus. Moon/Neptune speaks of sensitivity and the capacity to embrace wider issues, to be open to the unknown, whereas Saturn/Uranus reflect his scientific path and life's work. The triangles are pinned on the third corner by Sun (the creative mind and will) and Mercury (ever-eager to learn and teach and research).

The Talent triangles themselves indicate an inherent talent and ability, which, when developed and used can benefit more than just the individual whose chart they are found in. The Sign the pinning planets are found in suggests the underlying essence of the talent. In Hawking's case, with all pinning planets in earth Signs, the application of the talent will be grounded and practical.

Interwoven with the Talent triangles are Dominant Learning triangles, composed of red, green and blue aspects. These will be active throughout the life of the individual who has them in their chart.

Hawking is a remarkable human being, with a remarkable brain, but what is even more impressive is the use of his will (Sun) which has enabled him to continue with his life's work in spite of the many physical challenges he has.

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