21 Jun 2011

Cancer the Crab

Cancerians - those who are born with the Sun in this sign - are generally closely linked to their family, home or neighbourhood in some way. It is the sign which has affiliations with the collective, and group consciousness.

The symbol for Cancer, the Crab, is described by Louise Huber, in her book Reflections and
Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac as "two bowls merging in an open circle through which everything can flow. The upper bowl shows movement to the left representing a step backwards, a striving towards the starting point, the source of life, the beginning of existence. The lower bowl shows movement from left to right representing a step out into the world in order to prove oneself and realise oneself."

Cancerians can reflect, in their nature and approach to life, the crab as it exists in the natural world. They may approach things sideways rather than head on (as the crab itself scuttles in a sideways direction towards its destination), and at times they may be very sensitive and moody. Ruled by the Moon, the feelings and emotional responses of Cancerians - a Water sign - may ebb and flow just as the tides are affected by the phases of the Moon.

These suggestions, together with what I say about the sign of Cancer on my AstroChat Channel, (see below) are just starters and are not the definitive word about this or any of the signs. For more, see the courses and books available at the Astrological Psychology Association website, where you can learn more about all the signs, planets, houses, and how to interpret charts using the Huber Method for yourself.

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