18 Oct 2010

Aspect Patterns in Colour

My new book
Aspect Patterns in Colour
is now available

First introduced in Bruno and Louise Huber's Aspect Pattern Astrology, aspect patterns provide a key to understanding our inner motivation. In Aspect Patterns in Colour, the individual aspect patterns from that book are fully illustrated in colour, together with the meaning of each figure, example charts and interpretations.

I've drawn on a wide variety of charts to illustrate each of the 40 aspect patterns. Some examples come from the charts of people I know, others include actors, politicians, musicians, scientists, writers and artists. If you want to know more about Barack Obama's Megaphone, Marlon Brando's Large Talent triangle, Clint Eastwood's Irritation triangle, Tony Blair's UFO and Peter Sellers' Bathtub, you'll find them all in this book.

Recently reviewed, the book has been well-received:

I have to say this is a beautiful book – there are some books I don’t want to put down and this is one....it was a delightful experience to open Aspect Patterns in Colour and to find aspect patterns and charts depicted in full colour. The introduction to this book is rather modest: “I aim to present in this book an easy-to-use reference to the aspect patterns given by the Hubers... together with an interpreted example of each individual aspect figure, using a selection of well-known people and people that I know.”

Aspect Patterns in Colour achieves exactly the description set out, as it were, on the tin. However, this introduction underplays the vast amount of research that has gone into finding charts that contain a remarkably clear example of the pattern under discussion – you will not be struggling to find the aspect pattern buried somewhere in the complexities of the chart. It also belies the depth of astrological knowledge and experience that Joyce Hopewell brings to interpreting the example horoscopes.

The book explores each of the aspect figures given in the Hubers’ work Aspect Pattern Astrology. Every aspect figure is illustrated and the essential motivation and features are explained simply and concisely. Forty different charts are used to describe the impact of an individual aspect figure in someone’s character. With her gift for explaining complex concepts clearly, Joyce’s sure hand guides the reader through the aspect patterns, which must be understood if we are to explore the energies animating consciousness.......my students often ask about the availability of material that presents aspect patterns in a way that is easy to understand. This book meets that need and I would have no hesitation in recommending it both to them and to advanced astrologers who would like a quick reference to the aspect patterns of astrological psychology.

Reviewed by Kathy Rogers, Tutor, Astrological Psychology Association

Aspect Patterns in Colour is now available from the Astrological Psychology Association On-line Book Shop (with discount if you're a member!) and from Amazon.

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