23 Sep 2010

Sun in Libra

The Sun enters Libra today, 23rd September. Libra is the Sign associated with beauty, harmony, balance, taste, diplomacy, indecision, pleasant interaction, friendship, appreciation of aesthetics, fashion and style...just to mention a few.

To celebrate the start of the Libra time of year, when autumn colours appear in nature in the northern hemisphere making the world looks very beautiful, when the grape harvest is made, and when the fashion-conscious dive into new-seasons' clothing, here are some images which for me have Libran qualities of balance, harmony and beauty.

Elegant Swans by Maylis

Perfect poise - Hummingbird Hawk Moth

. . . and balance - Meadow Brown Butterfly.


Barbara said...

Bonjour Joyce,
Lovely photographs :)
Libra is my late father's sign, and this month makes me think strongly about him.
These are the moments when we tend to enjoy every last bit of color,warmth and beauty.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Joyce.. I have just come over via my friend Barbara's blog .. How great that you got to meet her too. Barbara is a lovely lady, I have met her a few times, over in Paris and in London. Her and Leesa came to stay at my house in Oxfordshire.