10 Aug 2010

Robbie Williams weds

Pop singer Robbie Williams is going through a significant life phase. He's recently announced that he's rejoining Take That, the boy band (now a very successful group of grown men!) where his career took off, and he's just got married.

Robbie was born on 3.2.1974 in Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK.

His chart is set for noon as no time of birt
h is available. I wrote about his chart when I discussed it live on air at BBC Radio Stoke 6 years ago, when he was 30. Being a local lad, the media in Stoke-on-Trent are always keen to follow his career and life events. You can read what I said about Robbie's chart in 2003 here, at the Astrological Psychology Association web site, and at the BBC Radio Stoke and Staffordshire newspage archive.

So what of Robbie and Ayda, who wed on Saturday 8th August in Robbie's back yard (aka known as a beautiful estate overlooking the San Fernando Valley in California!). I was invited back once again to Radio Stoke to talk about how these two might fare as a married couple, and you can read a brief news item onwhat I said.

Ayda Field, a TV actress and Robbie's girlfriend of some 3 or more years, was born on 17.5.1979 in Los Angeles. Her chart is quite different from Robbie's - his has a Fixed shaping making him motivated towards security and stability. Ayda's chart is Dynamic, with triangular and linear aspect patterns, making her far more adaptable and flexible. Robbie will tend to need security and to know where he is with things, whereas Ayda will be much more likely to be flexible and go with the flow. This could create a good balance between the two of them.

Aquarian Robbie, with Sun/Jupiter in this sign and at one of the arms of the Kite figure in his chart, will want a certain amount of airy freedom & space; Ayda's strongly emphasised sign of Taurus will be more focussed on earthy practicalities as well as having a yen for good living (she's married a multi-millionaire!). This earthiness, in turn, could provide Robbie with the grounding and security he needs. Robbie is now 36, the time when the Age Point reaches the DC and cro
sses from the lower to the upper hemisphere of the chart. It's a time of coming into your own and of waking up to the many more possibilities which lie ahead. Life can feel like it's opening up anew, or big time. Robbie's marriage and his return to Take That are both indications of this.

With no birth times for either Robbie or Ayda, I 'm not going to
be more specific. All that's left is to wish them both well and say that I'm pleased to hear that Robbie at last appears to have a good woman in his life!

Robbie and Ayda, but not, I assume, on their wedding day!

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