3 May 2009

Susan Boyle's Large Talent Triangle

I've been away, touring round the Scottish Borders and visiting Edinburgh where I gave a talk for the Scottish Astrological Association. While I was there, my Data Queen friend provided the correct data for singing sensation Susan Boyle (many thanks Caroline). It took her many long hours of research in the Scottish Records Office, but the chart shown above is drawn up from the correct data: 1.4.1961, 09.50 BST in Blackburn, Scotland.

Boyle's voice made the hairs on the back of my neck prickle when I heard the opening notes of her song "I had a dream", swiftly putting paid to any preconceived notions about this woman, based on her physical appearance. While I've been away she's had a bit of a makeover, having her dark Aries eyebrows shaped and getting a new hairstyle. The media homed in on this, giving mixed comments, but Susan, the media will damn you whatever you do, so just carry on doing your own thing.

Boyle's chart shows a predominantly Fixed shaping and motivation; there are mainly quadrangular figures in the aspect structure, with a couple of Linear aspects too. These could stand her in good stead when she wants to do things her own way and just goes ahead and does them (like the makeover). But most times she is likely to be wanting stability and security in her life, and she may find it easier to stay with what is known, tried and tested when these needs are uppermost.

Her colour ratio is 4 red: 4 green: 4 blue aspects. Although this might look nicely balanced, it suggests she is quite a sensitive person with a surprising amount of red, active energy which can be directed towards achieving what she wants. Her Aries Sun, which some astrologers might attribute this to, will not necessarily be the front line driving force in this because it is intercepted in the 10th House of the chart. This means it has no direct route out into the environment and has to rely on the other planets it aspects. Moon, which it opposes is no help because this is also intercepted. Both planets aspect Mars and Neptune making these the routes out into the world for the sense of self she can gain through her mind (Sun) and feelings (Moon). Mars and Neptune are both strong by Sign and Mars, a strong ally for the Sun, is also strongly placed by House on the Ascendant. Sun, Moon and Mars together form an Efficiency Triangle.

Mars, together with Neptune and Mercury, forms the blue Large Talent Triangle in Boyle's chart. This figure indicates an ability which the individual has as an innate part of their make up. There will be some skill or talent which they are born with and their task is to use this, develop it and share it with others. If it's not used and shared, it may wither and fade. With this aspect pattern, it can be a case of "use it or lose it", and all too often it's easier for people with this figure to opt for the easy way out and not develop and refine their innate talent. The aspect figure is made entirely of blue aspects which tend towards complacency and laziness.

In Susan Boyle's chart the blue Large Talent Triangle and the red Efficiency Triangle converge at Mars on the Ascendant, offering the red "kick" that is needed to get her inherent talent working. I was fascinated to read that she has, in the past, tried her luck with talent spotting competitions, but it up until now without much success. The Talent Triangle (aka Grand Trine) is pinned by planets in Water Signs, suggesting emotional content and flavour; responses to her singing come from the level of feelings.

It's time that the culture of celebrity took a knock, and in this period of changing attitudes and economic restraint, the quality of Susan Boyle's voice is showing the world that there is much more to someone than their physical appearance.

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