21 Mar 2009

International Astrology Day & Astrology Question Time

Yes! There IS such a day!! It's today! International Astrology Day was founded by AFAN in 1993.
The purpose of this event is to raise the public’s awareness of astrology, aiming to dispel the many myths and misunderstandings that surround the subject and in addition to expand networking opportunities among the astrological community and direct media attention to the positive aspects of astrology.
International Astrology Day is celebrated to coincide with the beginning of the astrological year, the spring equinox, when the Sun enters the tropical sign of Aries. Since astrologers are known for celebrating celestial events, this day should be at the top of our list as a way of not only honoring our profession, but of sharing what we do with others.
In celebration of this day, and to promote astrology, I'm launching
Astrology Question Time
I will answer a question from the first 5 named * people who leave a question about
  • Zodiac Signs
  • Planets
  • Houses
in the "Comments" window. Their questions, along with my responses, will be in my posting headed Astrology Question Time.

I'm not able to answer specific questions about individual charts. But If you want your chart read, click on the Consultant's tab at the top of the page. There may be someone near to where you live, and if not, you can arrange to have a chart reading by phone.

Get those questions rolling!

Yours Truly running the API (UK) stand (top and right) and speaking (below) at astrology conferences.

* out of courtesy please name yourself - don't be shy, and don't be "Anonymous"!


A said...

Hi Joyce! What a great way to spend your day - educating others. I would like clarity on Uranus in the 2nd House. The information I find on the internet is distressing. Please provide me and your readers another viewpoint on Uranus in 2nd House. – Thanks!

Joyce Hopewell said...


I'll be responding to your question soon, in my next posting.