14 Jan 2009

Joyce Hopewell's Astrochat

Come and visit myYou Tube channel where you can watch me talking about astrology!

The Dominant Learning triangle in my chart may have had something to do with setting up

The Dominant Learning triangle offers me endless opportunities to learn new things. This aspect pattern has a natural progressive direction, starting with the planet at the red/blue corner and moving anti-clockwise. I have Uranus at that red/blue corner - change, innovation, new ideas and yes, new technology! Uranus, itself known as the planet of astrology, connects with communicative Mercury via the active red aspect, urging something new to come into being, and egging Mercury on to get involved and get thinking, writing - and in this case talking too!

I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised because the Uranus/Mercury part of this aspect pattern have been active for some time now as I wrote my new book, "The Living Birth Chart".

As for the Astrochat Channel, I shall be adding videos from time to time and in keeping with my Astrochat policy I shall keep them short and to the point. I'm very familiar with teaching and facilitating and talking to a real live audience, but this new way of talking about astrology is something of a learning curve for me. What's missing are the real people that I usually interact with in my workshops, so if you're out there and you tune in, it would be good to hear from you!

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