15 Aug 2008

Suzanne Fischer, Soprano

I confess to having a personal interest in looking at Suzanne’s chart as she is the grand-daughter of my neighbours and I’ve seen how she’s been reaching for the stars over the past few years. Suzanne is a singer, and is developing a blossoming career in opera. In April 2015 she begins a season singing in the chorus with the Glyndebourne Festival Opera.

I first saw her perform in the local high school production of “Les Miserables” and even then was telling her I’d have to have her autograph before she got famous and had her name in lights! I now have the autograph, along with her birth data (7.5.1987. 05.15, London) and her permission to look at her chart.

Suzanne comes from a musical family. Her grandparents, my neighbours, are retired professional musicians. Her great-grandmother played the violin, both her parents are professional musicians and her uncle is a composer and recording artiste. Suzanne studied music in Edinburgh and won a scholarship to train for a year in Milan. She embedded herself in the Italian culture before starting her course there, attending language schools and living and working with an Italian family. Her dream to sing professionally began to be realised when she gave a concert in the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, several years ago, making a CD of the songs she performed. Click here to read more about Suzanne and catch up on her fast-developing career.

Now to her chart. The visual image I see is a juggler or tightrope walker - certainly a performer of some kind - and there is a sense of movement and of balance being maintained. Her chart shaping is a mixture of Dynamic/Mutable and Linear/Cardinal energy. This suggests her inner motivation is flexible, adaptable, restless, forward-looking and enthusiastic. She could be tireless when she gets her teeth into something, and with a colour ratio of 3 red: 2 green: 5 blue aspects, she will need to stay aware of not over-extending herself. She lacks slightly in red aspects, so she may not always achieve as much as she aims for all in one go. The knack may be to take things more steadily and aim for a consistent build up. In terms of voice training this would be important so she doesn’t get over stretched too soon.

The direction of the aspect structure is another mixture, this time of Vertical and Horizontal aspects. The Vertical aspects point towards the planets at the top of her chart - Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Neptune, as highest planet in the chart, can indicate high ideals, visionary aspirations, and could also refer to her “rising star” potential in the field of the arts. The Horizontal aspects pull in her Sun/Mercury in the 1st house and Pluto just before the DC. Don’t mess with this lady - she has a lot of powerful potential and she may well speak her mind and tell you what she thinks, pulling no punches! As Pluto is on the DC, others, when they meet her, may find she can come on strong and they will pick up that she’s not going to suffer fools gladly.

The aspect patterns in her chart are a Search figure and a Single Ambivalence figure. Both triangular patterns have as their outlet point the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in 12th, indicating that this area of her life, where she retreats to recharge her batteries or practise and perfect her art, is going to be very important. The Moon’s Node, as part of this conjunction, may make it easier for her to switch off and take time out for herself. She may have to balance out this tendency by being willing to be out there and “on call” for others; maybe this is something she could bear in mind when she starts performing.

At 21 her Age Point was in the 4th house of the chart, when she was psychologically moving away from the conditioning and expectations of her childhood and teenage years, and began forming her own rules for life. The Age Point at this time was in the Sign of Leo, often associated with artistic expression in the performing arts. Her Moon is also in Leo, a sure fire indicator in her chart that she will enjoy performing and being on stage. Leo can be larger than life, and it seems that Suzanne, en route to the bright lights, is on track here. But I don’t for one moment expect that this will be an easy journey as there is much hard work, discipline and dedication involved. Suzanne’s Taurean Sun will stand her in good stead here, and perhaps the added bonus is that Taurus is generally regarded to be the Sign of singers.

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