25 Jun 2013

Nelson Mandela

Portrait of Nelson Mandela (click to view image source)

Chart set for 18 July 1918, Umtata, South Africa, at 14.54. Time unreliable.

I first wrote about Nelson Mandela's chart  on the occasion of his 90th birthday in July 2008. Mandela, born on 18.7.1918 in Qunu, Umtata, East Cape reached this milestone almost 5 years ago, and I concentrated on his Age Point and one of his aspect patterns at the time.

The chart image is one of zig-zags, moving to and fro and giving the impression of a flexible structure with the ability to open up and close down. As the time of birth is uncertain, the orientation of the aspect structure could be different from how it appears in this chart, but the inherent colour/motivation and shaping/motivation still offer much information.

Mandela's chart has 2 red: 6 green: 5 blue aspects. It's heavy on green/blue and proportionally low on red. High blue/green suggests visionary ideals and a strong tendency to think, search, question and doubt, often on an internal level. It's interesting to note that the 3 long green quincunx aspects are contained within the central area of the chart and are not directly exposed to the outside. The overall shaping of the aspect structure shows a mixture of Fixed and Mutable motivation - he can dig his heels in and stay his ground, yet be flexible and adaptable. I guess that is a graphic representation of many of the experiences he's been though in his life, and his long imprisonment on Robben Island comes to mind - a Fixed situation, within which he had to adapt.

Mandela has an interesting 4-sided aspect pattern known as a "Stage", pinned by Sun, Moon, Venus and the Moon's Node. This spans the chart and contains 2 of the 3 long green quincunx aspects mentioned. They criss-cross inside the "Stage" like 2 green struts. This 4-sided figure provides the Fixed part of his motivation and it's composed of 1 red, 4 green and 1 blue aspect; this is where the bulk of the green thinking, searching, doubting, questioning, sensitivity and awareness could take place. The Hubers in their book Aspect Pattern Astrology describe the Stage as having ". . . a 'large' heart, but somehow still quite aloof. To be able to be open to everyone and everything, it protects itself from manipulation and prejudice and is very honest with itself. It can understand other people even in their innermost composition, identify their place in society and explain many things very graphically." I have featured this aspect pattern and his chart in my own book  Aspect Patterns in Colour.

Looking at his Age Point in general terms of psychological life phases. 18 years ago, when he was 72, his Age Point was conjunct the AC and had completed one circuit of the whole chart. Crossing the AC and entering the 1st House for the second time around, many people in their senior years experience a kind of re-birth, appreciating all they see and do anew and often though the eyes of a "wise child". Mandela's crossing of the AC at 72 coincided with his release from Robben Island. His Age Point now at 90 years is conjunct the IC, the 4th House cusp and the lowest point of the chart where deep connections with the collective may be felt. The last time his Age Point was at the IC he was 18, a time when he left home and went to study at Wesleyan College. Leaving home at around age 18 is a classic rite of passage, and few pass this place again.

At 90, as he was when I wrote this almost 5 years ago, it was less a case of a leaving of the home and more of a return to the roots from which we spring. The Hubers in their book "LifeClock" say ". . .the approach of the 4th House cusp can dissipate the sense of self to be engulfed by the collective. Many an event which used to be deemed really important now just vanishes into the mists of time, it is totally forgotten. And it doesn't seem to matter greatly whether it concerned our Self, or maybe someone else instead. . . .Many people in this phase of life have moments of true illumination and intuition. They suddenly seem to fathom the deeper meaning of events and surprise others by their wisdom."

Update 6th December 2013 Nelson Mandela has had an indelible effect upon the world. I wrote a brief update earlier in 2013, when there was much concern about his health. Ill and frail, he was an old man nearing the end of his long and eventful life. At the time of his passing, December 5th 2013, I can only reiterate what I wrote at the time - that his passing would be peaceful as he returned "home". Although his birth time is unreliable, it's the time given by Lois Rodden's Databank, and using Age Progression with this chart time, the hand of the Life Clock is currently opposite his 11th House Mars.

He will always be the elder statesman who has won and warmed hearts far and wide, enriching the collective to which we all belong. He was an outstanding figure, offering us all an example of the power and strength of forgiveness.

Details of Mandela’s life can be found at the ANC website, and on Wikipedia.


barbara said...

Hello Joyce,

It is indeed rare to have a person who reaches 90 or beyond, and it should be celbrated.
I'm fascinated by his age points. Each time did have a very significant event in his life.

Many many more happy years to Mr Mandela !

seev said...

Yes, I admire him too. I'm hoping to make 80 next January. Then I'll have another ten years to go before I reach his level. whew......

Thanks for peaking at my blog, Joyce. All these hard-nosed and soft-nosed atheists are duking it out, so to speak. LOL

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Barbara & Seev,

Thanks to you both for your kind words.

I wanted to acknowledge Mandela's birthday, especially after hearing him speak out against Mugabe and the shameful way he is allowing his people to live.

Seev - 80! - really!! That's really something to celebrate.

Take care both of you,

Joyce :-)