15 May 2008

Paula Radcliffe, Marathon Runner

Hopes of success for marathon runner Paula Radcliffe will be running high when she takes part in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing this summer. Born on 17.12.1975 in Northwich, Cheshire (chart set for noon as no time of birth is available), Paula has been on a steady rise to fame for a number of years, culminating in her gaining the World Record for a marathon in 2005, when she ran the 26 miles in 2 hours, 17 minutes and 42 seconds.

Paula’s chart is an interesting one as it has only red and blue aspects. There are no green aspects at all - green aspects encouraging the ability to learn, gather information, doubt, search and ask questions. A lack of green aspects can indicate a lack of awareness, giving a motivation of seeing things in a black/white, either/or way. I’m not suggesting that Paula is like this - she is clearly an intelligent woman with more strength of will and determination than many - but I do speculate on there being a “no shades of grey” attitude in her makeup, which is manifested in her utter determination to win and her dedication to the training which underpins her success. Hearing Paula speak in interviews, it’s clear that she is not faint-hearted, and the either/or approach is expressed in either sticking with it and winning, or giving up and losing. She says she competes against herself (and therefore is likely to be her own harshest critic) - not an easy place to be when your drive is to succeed as she has.

Her chart shaping/motivation is Mutable and Dynamic in nature, giving her the ability to adapt and be flexible. However, this may not always be so easy; lacking in green aspects she will have to consciously work at being adaptable with a colour ratio of 3 red: 0 green: 8 blue. Paula’s strongest pull could be towards the blue; making the effort to work and train, drawing on the low number of red aspects is not likely to be easy.

Paula has an interesting combination of aspect patterns: a Small Talent triangle and two interlocking Single Ambivalence figures which form an incomplete Righteousness rectangle. When a quadrangular figure is missing one side, it is more than likely that the person experiences a drive to “complete” the figure and acts as if the missing aspect is in place, always trying to make up the shortfall. In Paula’s chart, the missing link is the blue sextile aspect between Mars and Saturn. My question, were I to meet with Paula to discuss her chart, is whether this missing link between the two planets I associate with active energy, strength, courage, determination, staying power, bravery, the physical body, and making some tangible mark on the world has any bearing on her “true grit” attitude to winning and to getting back up there to have another go if she fails.

Paula has had a mixed few years of late, with highs and lows. In 2002, she was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year; in the Athens Olympics in 2004 she was forced to drop out of the race towards the end as she was ill from the medication she’d been taking for leg pain and swelling. If you watched this race you’ll maybe remember Paula sitting on the roadside, head in hands, despairing. She says that this was the lowest point of her career, yet 3 months later she went on to win the New York marathon and in 2005 achieved her World record in this race. Perhaps the real high point for Paula came in January 2007, when her baby daughter, Isla, was born (17.01.1007, 09.43, Monaco if you’re interested!), this event came as her Age Point was travelling through the Low Point of the 6th House in her chart, and her energies were directed towards an achievement of a different kind!

When Paula represents Britain in the Beijing Olympics I for one will be rooting for her. One of my family members was at school with Paula, has run and trained with her and is still her friend. Here’s wishing you good luck in Beijing, Paula!

Addendum 20.5.2008: Recent news on Paula is that she's struggling with a hip injury and is using crutches some of the time to help support and hasten the healing of the torn muscles. Her chances of going to Beijing are threatened by this injury. Good luck and get well, Paula.

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