21 May 2008

Gemini: Chatterbox of the Zodiac

The movement of the Sun progresses on through the Zodiac, and today enters the Sign of Gemini. On the Zodiac Clock in Chartes Cathedral (shown above), the Gemini Twins can be seen at 11 o'clock, engaged in an intense and perpetual dialogue with each other.

An extract from The Cosmic Egg Timer, my book co-authored with Richard Llewellyn, says of Mutable Air Sign Gemini:

"This Sign has an insatiable hunger for information and communication, reflecting the busy information-seeking nature of its ruling planet Mercury. It is happiest when talking, asking questions, gathering or disseminating information, using the phone, surfing the internet or learning a new foreign language. For Gemini, variety is the spice of life, so the more new or interesting experiences and snippets of information it can get hold of, the better! This is the Sign of the Twins, and as such, Gemini is most happy with (at least!) two of everything, if not more! The Twins are a duo, a double act, and as two people often do when they get together, they talk! With Gemini, the duality that underlies the Sign may go something like “On the one hand, I see it this way…….yet on the other hand, there might be another way of looking at it…”
Gemini is quick-witted and amusing. It’s a Sign that can think on its feet and simultaneously have fingers in many pies. Gemini will have a busy engagement diary with an accompanying lifestyle, and in conversation will show a rapid verbal delivery and an ability to speak on a wide variety of different subjects. This is a Sign that doesn’t stop still for long because it is constantly moving on to the next intensely interesting yet hugely different source of fascination. Sounds exhausting? Not to a Gemini! It is their lifeblood.

Of the new things learned and the projects undertaken, many may be scanned quickly and absorbed at a skin deep rather than a heart and soul level. This doesn’t mean that Gemini is not capable of going into things in depth - it’s simply a matter of the time available and the urgent need to be moving on to something new, not letting the grass grow under their feet. Gemini is frequently on the go, maybe travelling - but short haul for preference - and in advance they will have absorbed the contents of the guidebook in order to gather as much information as they can about their destination. Time will be allocated for sightseeing. Oh yes, and they will aim to take plenty of good holiday reading with them too. Most important of all, they will want to meet with as many locals as they can in their chosen destination, and of course, they will be keen to try out their newly-acquired language skills!"
Mercury/Gemini heaven? A book stall like this one, or maybe a busy social gathering with a wide variety of people to talk to.

Image: Bouquiniste by Maylis Photography


barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
How are you doing ? I was just catching up with your latest posts.
Gemeini is a fun sign ;) I have not known may of them ( Astral compatibilities at work again); I have a charming Gemini niece in the family that can talk your ear off anyday !

You take care .

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Barbara,

Those Gemini's certainly know how to tell a yarn! I like finding out the Signs of entertainers/comedians etc. as they need to use "patter", and see if they are Gemini. A famous UK comedian, Bob Monkhouse, was a Gemini and he could not only tell a very fancy and complicated yarn, he had an amazing ability with words and language in general - and of course, mercurial wit!