2 Feb 2008

Scientists catch up with the Huber's Age Progression!

The Daily Mail newspaper reports that a group of researchers at Warwick University in the UK and Dartmouth College in the US have found that age 44 marks the start of the mid-life crisis. The scientists have found that happiness and depression follow a U-shaped curve, with the deepest trough of the curve occurring when we are approximately 44 , saying "the low period does not lift significantly for several years".

This is what astrological psychologists trained at the Astrological Psychology Association have known since the 1980's!

The horoscope is seen as a clock for the person's lifetime, with the Age Point indicating their age as the "time" on the clock. As the Age Point moves around the birth chart it corresponds to changing life phases. Each of these phases has its own Low Point.

When the Age Point reaches age 42, we enter a period of mid-life crisis. Here, beginning at age 43, we move through the Low Point of the whole chart and the Low Point of life. A phase of change, transformation and reorientation takes place, and continues for several years after this.

Bruno and Louise Huber, in their book LifeClock say: "Between ages 42 and 48 the phase corresponds to what we call 'mid-life crisis'".


barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
Yes, you previously talked about this to me . I seem to be swimming right in there.
Although I do not feel like I'am in crisis. Perhaps I would call it a review of some things in life. The beginning of it at 42 marks a pretty mature age, and some ideas should be changing after 2 decades of adult existance.

Remember that "crisis" as it is written in Chinese ( no, can't do that !), also means "oppurtunity".

Have a good week and see you soon.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Barbara,

Many thanks for your comment. Yes, you are in this Low Point of life, but you raise a really important issue, and that is that you are AWARE that all is not "doom and gloom" at this time of life. You're using it positively to review where you want to head on to from here, so in a way you are cooperating with this opportunity to look within. Many people don't do this, and that, sadly, is where the depression can kick in.

Bye for now,