19 Feb 2008

Pisces rules the feet

The Sun entered the Sign of Pisces today. According to the Ptolemaic astrological system for assigning parts of the body to the twelve Zodiac Signs, Pisces rules the feet. It is the last of the twelve Signs and its symbol is said to represent two fishes swimming in different directions, but forever joined by a so-called “silver cord”. The fishes face away from each other, symbolising the pull between the soul and the personality in the human being. Their vacillation is also reflected in the esoteric seed thought for Pisces: “I leave the Father’s Home and turning back I save”. For Pisces, a key issue in life is the tension between spiritual and physical existence.

Louise Huber says, in her book Reflections and Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac that the seed thought sums up this double effect of Pisces “We set forth leaving the elevated place of the Soul, we incarnate in the physical body becoming its prisoner and longing all our life to return to the freedom and liberty of spiritual existence”.

Pisceans can be very sensitive people, attuned to energies that others are not aware of, and they seem able to access these and make them manifest. Some Pisceans have healing hands, others bring forth imaginative and creative works of art in the form of images, painting, music. Yet others - and you may well recognise some of these traits - can be vague, ungrounded, disorganised and indecisive. When the pull between the spiritual and the physical gets out of balance, the practicalities of everyday life can fall into disarray. But Pisceans feel for others and have a lot of compassion.

A final fishy thought on a far lighter note - how do you pronounce “Pisces”? Joe Cooper’s poem in “Astroverse” has a few suggestions!

Pronounced Piscean Embarrassment

Of all the ways
Piss Kays
The most

Piss Keys
Is pretty thin on the ground
The souns
That is the nice eest
Is Pie Seest

The last t is out of plaice
And very fishy indeed.

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