10 Dec 2007

Astrology and the Meaning of Life

If your're a seeker and a searcher and puzzle from time to time about the meaning of life, this book covering a variety of subjects relevant astrological psychology may offer you some insights. I'm rather proud because I’ve been involved in the production of this book, and delighted because the contents provide a veritable banquet of in-depth articles using astrological psychology.

“AstroLog 1 - Life and Meaning” draws on selected articles which have appeared in “AstroLog” magazine, established by the Astrological Psychology Institute in Switzerland in 1981. These have been translated from the original German and in this book are available for the first time in English.

There are many articles by Bruno and Louise Huber, together with contributions from other teachers and astrological counsellors trained by and connected with API Switzerland. Topics include amplification of aspects of the Huber Method, new ideas and research, practical experience, links with other disciplines and case studies. I may be biased, but I can promise it’s a good read, whether you go through cover to cover, or dip into it to read the subjects which interest you most.

Articles and subjects are grouped into 4 categories:

  • Astrological Psychology
  • Life and Meaning
  • Age Progression
  • Growth and Transformation

The book is available from the APA Book Shop and Amazon. Happy reading!

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GreenAbby said...

Hi Mum

Congratulations! Look forward to reading it one day...

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