19 Nov 2007

Five Newly-Qualified Huber Astrologers

This happy group of newly-qualified Huber astrologers trained with the Astrological Psychology Association and received their Diplomas yesterday (18th November) at the end of the final training workshop of the diploma course. I was one of the two facilitators training them and as Principal of API (UK), I was proud to present each of them with their Diploma.

These new graduates were part of a larger group of API (UK) students of Astrological Psychology who attended and enjoyed the weekend workshop, which was very practical and included many opportunities to work on chart interpretation. Charts used were those of other group members as well as new unseen charts, which participants worked on as part of their training.

Here's the group, which included students from Norway and The Netherlands. Yours Truly is on the back row.


barbara said...

Congratulations to all !

See you soon, Joyce :)

Anonymous said...

Srikumar/Astrologer/Kol-2 opines that right part of body is ruled by the Sun and left part is ruled by the Moon.