30 Aug 2007

Planets Personified

Over the years, we've had lots of fun amongst the learning at workshops and events run by the UK Astrological Psychology Institute. Always keen to get people involved in their learning of astrology in a practical, hands on way, there have been many opportunities on offer for letting our hair down at the end of an intensive seminar and dressing up as a planet of our choice, or maybe as one of the Zodiac Signs.

Here is a selection from the archives. In 1988, at the end of a seminar with Bruno and Louise Huber at the Froebel Educational Institute, London, participants risked all and dressed up as a planet of their choice, or as a part of their own natal chart.

L-R: Jupiter ( the kimono symbolising foreign travel); next is the whole Solar System! (this lady dressed in blue to symbolise space, and had the glyphs for the planets hanging from a mobile attached to her head): Saturn - he's dressed for safety & security, with a warm scarf, an electric lead ready to plug in hanging round his neck, and a comb in his hair. I also remember he had a toothbrush about his person as well! Jupiter again - this lady was larger that life & full of fun!

L-R: Jupiter again! Next comes someone with Moon in the 6th House, the check tablecloth representing the caring of others in 6th, and the white dress the Moon; next is the Moon's North Node in the 12th House - I think he's taking care of himself with that glass of beer! Jupiter yet again ( he was partnered with the lady on the left who is Jupiter. Lastly, Uranus.

Here's a close up of that Uranus costume, complete with silver lightning flashes across it. Guess who's behind that space age mask........??

This group has L-R, Mars in the red dress, Saturn in sensible brown, the Sun (she was facing front in her black suit which represented night; when she turned around she had a large Sun on her back ( you can just see the edges of it). Next comes Miss Virgo in her grey prim and proper suit, then Saturn again in mac and headscarf, carrying a shopping bag. Memory fails me as to who or what the lady in the coloured t-shirt might have been dressed as.

Fast forward a few years now to the 1990's, and to our annual "Face to Face" workshops in Devon. Here we have L-R, Mr. Saturn, inscrutable Scorpio, and Venus in Leo ( sigh...yes, that's me with a well-earned glass of wine in hand - I'd been running the workshop & teaching, so needed to unwind and have some fun as much as everyone else)

Scorpio in the centre of the picture is in conversation with Mars on the left and Saturn on the right.

Personifying the qualities of the planets can be great fun. You don't even need to dress up to do it either as you can observe the way people dress and behave, and link this to a planet. Mars could be a speeding red sports car, Mercury the person who never stops talking and who knows all the latest gossip. See if you can spot planetary energies at work or personified in your daily life. TV is always a good source of this - the newsreader with the tasteless, tacky outfit will have left Venus out when she chose what to wear; the character in the soap who is odd or eccentric (Uranus); the mystery drama where you don't know what's meant to be going on will be Neptunian, and so on.

Have fun, get creative. I'm off now for some Jupiterian travels. See you soon!


barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
You will be reading this when you return from your trip.
I hope that it was a good one ;)

This was all so fun !! Even those of us with just a minimum knowledge of astrolgy ( my case), can laugh and learn !
Funny; I'am a Virgo, but I never looked like the lady in the prim grey suit!
Perhaps the Aquarian rising sign has something to do with it ;)

You take care and see you soon.

GreenAbby said...

Well this only confirms where I get the madness, quirkiness, and spirit of lightheartedness from!

Have a good trip dear Mum

GreenAbby xxx