19 Aug 2007

People of Goodwill: Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is Editor of Resurgence magazine, founder of the Schumacher Society and the Small School project in Hartland, Devon, and is a peace activist and ecological campaigner. He became a Jain monk at the age of 9, and leaving his family he followed the strict regime of the Jains until he was 18. He was involved in the campaign to gain land for the landless poor in India when he worked with Vinoba Bhave, a disciple of Gandhi. In 1962 as his Age Point entered Sagittarius, he walked from India to America with no money and en route delivered symbolic packets of "peace tea" to leaders of the four nuclear powers. He lives in England, and broadcasts regularly, sometimes presenting his "Thought for the Day" on BBC Radio 4's "Today" programme. He has also been a guest on the long-running radio show "Desert Island Discs". I've met Satish several times and he gave permission for me to use his chart. His data - 9.8.1936, 04.00, Sri Dungargarth, India - appears in the opening pages of his autobiography "No Destination".

His chart contains the striking image of a large, strong pyramid. This four-sided figure gives a Fixed motivation, and the aspects are predominantly blue (Fixed motivation again). For aspect patterns he has a Large Talent triangle and two Small Learning triangles, suggesting a life motivation of putting his inherent skills and abilities to use, but always learning more at every turn of life's path. The lower half of the chart is emphasised, with 7 planets present. Satish's life has been one of connection with the earth and the community from his early childhood days in India: learning from his mother how to farm the land, his later work to help reclaim land for the poor and his strong involvement in ecological issues now.

The 2nd House of the chart is emphasised. His Sun is strongly placed on the 2nd cusp and the theme of "possessions" ( which is related to 2nd House) is a significant feature of his life. He had few when he was a wandering Jain monk as personal possessions and money were forbidden. His unaspected Saturn is not only symbolic of the beloved mother he gave up when he became a monk, but also of his ability to learn how to find security in whatever situation he found himself. Walking from India to America without money is a graphic example of this.

With Moon conjunct Uranus, and riding high in the chart, Satish is never likely to "conform", and he is dedicated to bringing insight and inspiration to others aspiring to live more consciously. At 18, Satish came into contact with the ideas and teaching of Gandhi and started to question leading a spiritual existence without practically grounding
and expressing this spirituality in the real world around him. His Age Point was quincunx Uranus when he rebelled and escaped from the Jains. He shares his wisdom and experiences in the inspiring talks he gives, and founded "Resurgence" magazine to disseminate these ideas. The magazine now has world-wide readership.

Satish recently appeared on a 2-part TV documentary presented by scientist Richard Dawkins, who labels Satish and others like him (including astrologers) as "Enemies of Reason". Are we deluded and superstitious? Is Satish really an enemy of reason? Only to Dawkins, I guess, who had better watch out, as I'll be looking at his chart next!

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Daughter Beloved said...

I just clicked on your Richard Dawkins link to see that he's trying to flog t-shirts! Talk about pot-kettle-black. He's making a tidy sum from his own theories of life, the universe and everything; but seems very displeased about anyone else doing so who doesn't subscribe to his own world view!

I look forward to seeing what your analysis of his chart reveals.