10 Jul 2007

The Family Model in Venus Williams' chart

I wrote this post back in 2007 - and 10 years later in 2017, Venus Williams is still winning tennis tournaments on the world stage - she recently won the Wimbledon Championship.
Venus Williams won her fourth Wimbledon title on 7th July 2007, grunting and shrieking her way to victory at every smash and volley after a taking a break from the tennis world. What might be seen in her chart that could contribute to her success?

Born on 17.6. 1980 at 14.12 local time in Lynwood, CA, her chart has an intricate tangle of aspects which could resemble the to and fro trajectory of a tennis ball across the court. The aspect pattern that stands out is the red Efficiency Triangle formed by Sun/Venus opposite Neptune, with Saturn/Mars at its apex and outlet point. All planets involved in this aspect pattern are either on or near a Balance Point, or are in the Cardinal zone of the House, and this pattern itself is concerned with activity, production and success.

Her parents have been instrumental in coaching and encouraging both Venus and sister Serena in their tennis - sometimes against all odds and in the face of racial prejudice and opposition - so it's worth taking a look at her Family Model. Sun, representing the fathering principle, is conjunct Venus; Saturn representing the mothering principle, is conjunct Mars. Might this suggest that she experienced interchangeable role reversal in her parents? Each could stand in for the other and both could be equally paternal or protective when this was called for. Her Moon, representing Venus the child, is in the 11th House, sandwiched between Jupiter and the North Node. This suggests the ability to take risks, to perceive, experience life and learn from it....and as Jupiter is in Virgo, the next Sign along from her Leo Moon, perhaps an acute attention to big as well as small details - the use of the eyes, the gaining of knowing and wisdom through experience, which is carefully filed away so that it can be easily accessed.

Her Moon is close in position to Saturn, but only aspects it indirectly. This could indicate a less binding relationship with her mother than the relationship she has with her father. The Moon and Sun directly aspect each other, linked by a blue sextile which could signal a harmonious relationship, but might also hint at adapted behaviour which aims to please.

Venus's Age Point is currently opposite her Moon, with her Nodal Age Point making a quincunx to Jupiter. This is a period of extreme focus and activity on these two planets, and on 11th House in her chart, where selectivity and chosen friends and pursuits reign supreme.

A final thought. The Gauquelin Effect, which looked at the position of Mars in the charts of successful sportsmen and women, says that Mars should fall into the fourth quadrant of the chart, as it does in Venus's. It doesn't do this in her sister Serena's chart, but it does in the chart of Roger Federer, this year's men's Wimbledon Champion, whose chart I shall also be taking a look at this month.

For more on Age Point see the Huber's book LifeClock and my book Using Age Progression. For more on the North Node and the Nodal Age Point, see Moon Node Astrology
by Bruno and Louise Huber, and for more on the Family Model see The Cosmic Egg Timer by myself and Richard Llewellyn. All are available from the APA Book Shop.

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