26 Jul 2007

Cats are Solar, Dogs are Lunar

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll know that they can be fascinating, snooty and independent, all over you one minute and ignoring you the next. Any relationship will be largely on their terms; they can take us or leave us, living quite happily without our company for a lot of the time, yet we cat lovers always come back for more!

Cats live in a solar way with life revolving around them like it does with the Sun. They bask in it. They love its warmth and display “big pussycat” behaviour when relaxed and at ease. They’re a bit like people with the Sun in Leo, who like to be in the spotlight, have lots of friends (because they have warm and generous hearts), but because Leo is one of the Fixed Zodiac Signs, they are equally capable of digging their heels in and doing their own thing, regardless of what anyone wants. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents our sense of self, creativity, individuality, the mind, the ability to choose and make decisions, and the use of the will.

Photos of Cats and Worn Lions by Maylis Curie
Dogs, on the other hand, are lunar. With qualities such as feelings and emotions associated with the Moon, dogs need contact and don’t do well if left alone. They are pack animals and offer faithful friendship, and (probably without realising it) provide emotional support just by being there for their owners. Whereas cats don’t often splurge their feelings about very much, (although one of my cats used to growl menacingly and lash her tail when the dustbin lorry was in the vicinity), dogs will leave us in little doubt about how they feel: “Bark yap yap woof ” + wag = “yes I do want a walk”!

The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo. We can develop solar qualities of self-consciousness for ourselves, regardless of what Sign our Sun is in. Louise Huber says in her book Reflections and Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac that “real self-consciousness shows itself when a person becomes conscious of his/her inner power, of his own creative potential…..”

Let’s aim high and go for the higher levels of how you might go about this: you can do it by developing your heart centre, and by consciously developing the sensitivity of your heart which will open it up to expressing real love.

The seed thought for Leo, which you could also meditate on, is

“I am That and That am I”.

Leo rules the heart and the heart is about love, acknowledgement and true acceptance of the other and of all humankind.
The world needs this - let your Sun shine!


Maylis said...

Is it me or do these cats look familiar??

Flavia said...

Interesting re Cats Solar and the why…..same for Dogs Lunar….

It makes sense …!

barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
It is always said that cats and dogs don't get along . From an astrological view point,the 2 planets are quite different .

At home, we have an English cocker and 2 cats. The dog came after the cats, and it took quite an adjustment.
But, they like each other :)

That was very interesting, Joyce.
Have a great weekend.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thanks Maylis (yes,those cats are familiar!), Flavia & Barbara. I shall be writing more things about the qualities of the planets and how we can make them more "real" and see them at work in everyday life.


Jackal said...

So very fascinating.