4 Jul 2007

Nancy Pelosi's Striving Figure

According to my cluster maps widget, this blog has a lot of readers in the United States, so today - 4th July - seems the right day to look at the chart of a prominent American! Nancy Pelosi’s chart was suggested to me by my student Diane in Arizona, some time ago. So bearing in mind that we don’t hear too much about Pelosi in the UK, and that I don’t have her time of birth (the chart is set for noon for 26.3.1940 in Baltimore MD) I thought I’d take a general look at her chart but with specific interest in the Striving Figure aspect pattern it contains.

Pelosi’s chart is visually striking. The orientation would change if her time of birth was known, but I couldn’t help fantasising about turning the whole aspect structure upside down so that the chart image would resemble a crown. She does bear a crown of sorts, as on November 16th 2006 she was unanimously elected as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, making her the first ever female Speaker and the highest ranking woman in the history of the US government. As Speaker, she is second in line of Presidential succession after the Vice-President and the first woman to be this close in line.

Readers in the US will know a whole lot more about her than I do - you can watch her on TV, read about her in your newspapers etc. I know she’s a Democrat, the mother of 5 adult children, a glamorous grandmother, is wealthy, comes from a political background and is regarded as a liberal. Visually, she’s also rather striking, like her chart.

Her chart shaping shows a predominantly Fixed motivation, with an interesting Linear offshoot involving Sun, Saturn and Pluto. With a colour ratio of 4 red, 5 green and 5 blue aspects she has an excess of mutable, adaptable energy at her disposal which could have the effect of making her ultra-aware and sensitive, not satisfied until she’s got to the root of something and unafraid to search out answers. Sun and Jupiter in Aries could make her a formidable opponent; I wonder how intuitive she is and if she’s willing to take risks? The stellium of Venus, Mars and Uranus in Taurus suggests an ability to maintain and preserve as well as creative flair and an inherent sense of quality, taste and balance.

Venus and Uranus are part of the Striving Figure in her chart. Striving Figures are not that common. This figure is sometimes called the “Green Kite”, for obvious reasons, as it has green aspects all around the outside. These up the ante as far as sensitivity and awareness of the surrounding environment are concerned. Pelosi’s Striving Figure involves Jupiter and Mercury along with the Venus/Uranus conjunction. These planets between them form the Ear/Eye part of the figure, and as such they will cooperate to gather in information. With Mercury and Jupiter in this part of the whole figure, communication will be emphasised ( what could be better - she is the Speaker!). The Ear/Eye gives intuitive interpersonal skills. The Hubers say of this figure in “Aspect Pattern Astrology” that “the sextile provides receptivity and a unifying force, which means that the information obtained by the Eye can be assimilated and used for long-term objectives”.

People with this figure aim high, often seeking their objectives via the planet at the apex. In Pelosi’s case, the sharp end of the figure is not pinned by a planet, but by the North Node. It’s placement in Libra gives some clues to what she may be aiming for - justice, fair play, equality, balance - all qualities which could be associated with a Democrat. But a real understanding of her North Node in this position in the Striving Figure would only be possible if we had her time of birth. This would show which House, and therefore which area of life expression and experience that Pelosi would need to develop in order to really activate the potential of the Striving Figure and realise her goals.

You can read more about the Striving Figure (bearing in mind I’ve only touched on a few points about it here) in Aspect Pattern Astrology by the Hubers, and Using Age Progression by myself. Both books are available from the APA on-line Book Shop.


barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
How are you ?
As usual,your chart analysis is very interesting.
Don't feel too bad about not jnowing more on Ms. Pelosi; I'am a U.S. citizen, and being overseas makes me loose touch with U.S. current events.
Nice to see that a good woman is running the show ;)

You take care.

Diane said...

Hi Joyce,

I enjoyed reading Nancy Pelosi's chart - thanks!
The striving figure is great & I thought the comment about an inherent sense of flair & style was so appropriate - she certainly dresses that way!
I think the mutable intensity in her chart must be a bit of a lifesaver for a woman in politics, especially at this level.
I saw that crown, too (truthfully, I think she might wear one better than "King George the Bush"!) & pictured it right-side-up.
The striving figure involving Jupiter & Mercury is certainly apt, especially as it appears she's been quite generous-hearted in some of what she's done ... particularly towards Bush, as she said from the beginning that impeachment was, "off the table". She can't be too power-driven, or it seems she'd display more interest in moving herself closer to being in charge.
Having the North Node in the position of the kite's tail gives me pause, as I'm not sure how it works in a chart yet!
Thank-you for having a look - it was a 4th of July treat.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thank you, Barbara & Diane.

I certainly enjoyed looking at her chart as it has a relatively unusual aspect pattern in it. Yes, good to know there's a woman up there in the US govt., Barbara, and interesting to read your comments on her approach, Diane, from the perspective of US resident.

Joyce :-)