3 May 2007

I put it down to the Full Moon.....!

We've just had the Taurus Full Moon. It was full at 10.10 on 2nd May, and it has been shining quite beautifully in the clear night skies here. The Taurus esoteric Seed Thought is "I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined" . The Taurus Full Moon marks the Wesak Festival in Buddhism and is a time when the qualities of wisdom, intelligence and right conduct are transmitted to humanity.

In my tiny niche within the the world of blogs, there have been some interesting expressions of right conduct and goodwill taking place at this Full Moon. Yesterday, blogger Barbara nominated my daughter GreenAbby (see previous post "People of Goodwill") for the "Thinking Blogger Award". Now both she and my belle-fille Maylis nominated me for this award! ME?! I'm honoured
- thank you both so much for this. I'll have to make sure I live up to being a Thinking Blogger....!

Now that I've been tagged, I'm permitted to tag 5 other blogs with the
Thinking Blogger Award. Here are the rules of this simple, potentially effective award system:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).

I've walked the dog and had a long hard think (as the award is about thinking it seemed the right course to take before any action) and decided that I would relate my 5 nominees to specific features in my own chart, shown here, which are stimulated by these blogs. So here goes:

1) Dermod Moore. He's an astrologer, an author, a journalist, a qualified Psychosynthesis Counsellor, he's Irish, he's an OK person (I've only met him once but we emailed many shared similar supportive views on a specific situation) he's gay and proud of it, and he writes a thought-provoking blog. He stimulates Uranus ( the
astrology) and Mars ( he stands up for what he believes in; he's male) in my chart.

2) GreenAbby. Not because she's my daughter, nor because she's nominated me, but because she's getting down to the roots of what living as a green, aware, eco-friendly human being is all about and is doing plenty research into this. She's writing about this honestly and is using her blog as a means of getting her passionately held views out into the world. She stimulates Mercury (all those facts and interesting bits of information) and Moon opposite Pluto (you have to stand up for what you feel passionately about and transform and change yourself first and foremost).

3) My belle-fille Maylis. Her blog is a photo blog, and she fills it with thought-provoking images which she captures on her camera. These images are a rich source of inspiration and nourishment for the eyes (my Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is fed by them!) and her photos are laced with astrological symbolism if you allow your eyes to see it!

4) Barbara. She started the whole thing rolling towards my little nook in cyberspace, and I enjoy reading her views, thoughts and observations on life as an American living in France. She has a warmth which comes through her words; she's a participator in life who cares about humanity. There are warm earthy qualities to her blog and she nourishes my Virgo Sun and my Moon in 7th House.

5) Elsa. She writes an astrology blog and answers questions posed by her readers in an open forum. She also edits the astrology section of the "Top Ten Sources". When she contacted me to say she'd added me to the "Top Ten" list, she told me that she aims to include all branches of astrology in her editor's list. As a supporter of "astrodiversity" I applaud what she does. This stimulates Uranus...which links with Mercury....and with Moon in my chart.

As far as I have been able to discover from my web research, there is no-one else who writes a blog specifically using Astrological Psychology and the Huber Method. It's a unique rather than lonely furrow to plough and I do it willingly to share this 21st century approach to astrology. So thank you to my nominees. I'll do my best to live up to this award!


Maylis & Hugh said...

Thanks Joyce!

Elsa said...

Hey! Heartt congrats and thanks so much for the kind words. :-)

GreenAbby said...

Thank you for nominating my blog!
Let's hope our thinking and musing stimulates others to think in constructive and positive ways, about ourselves and the world around us.
Abby xx

Danielle said...

I was recently awarded a thinking blogger award myself and on a quest to discover fellow thinkers was lead here. You won the ol bookmark straight off. I am a Taurus celebrating my birthday on the 8th and am quite interested in astrology. I will definitely be back to read more of what you offer of yourself.

Be well and enjoy the day

barbara said...

Good Morning Joyce,
Thank you for the write up; you Hopewell ladies have just been so nice to me ;)
One of these days if I can get my act together, I'll share with you the positions of the planets & such, in my chart. I have to find where I put it!!
Think, girl !

Have a great weekend and lets all root for Abby in her race!

Dermod said...

Hi there Joyce! What a lovely nudge from the past to hear from you like this. And what a good blog you have, too! Take care,


Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

Hello everyone!
Thanks for all your positive & encouraging comments - it's great to hear from you.
Barbara - we'll have to arrange for you to send me your data so I can take a peek at your chart/planetary positions as a fellow Virgo!
Danielle - thanks so much for the comments and the bookmark! Taureans are very reliable people. Have a happy birthday on 8th and I'll be dropping in to read your very interesting & thought-provoking blog.
Elsa - great to hear from you!
Dermod - you too! I've left a comment on your blog & look forward to seeing the creative juices flowing.
Hopewell family bloggers - love to you both. x