28 Apr 2007

People of Goodwill - GreenAbby

Occasionally I will feature the chart of someone NOT in the news. This will be a person who’s getting on with their life and is not hitting the headlines at all. But they may be doing something of goodwill, or making a contribution to life which will benefit others, or living bravely and fearlessly. The charts of real people can offer as much as those of people in the news, so as a counter balance to the headline-hitters, I’ll be including charts of People of Goodwill.

I make no apologies for introducing GreenAbby as the first Person of Goodwill. She’s my daughter (born 11.8.1976, 21.40, Crewe) and I happen to be very proud of her because she’s running in her third sponsored charity run. On May 6th, she’ll be taking part in the Great Edinburgh Run in to raise money for Climb, the charity which supports children with inherited metabolic conditions. Abby has such a condition; running helps improve her fitness and health, and the density of her bones. She’s aiming to raise £300 and if you’d like to sponsor her you can do so by clicking here.

Where might this urge to do something to help and benefit others come from? She wants to give something back to the charity which has helped her. Is it possible to see this in her chart? I’m going to select a few features which just might have some bearing on this.
  • She has a very “You” sided chart, indicating that she’s strongly motivated to make contact with and work with others. She has 4 planets in the 6th House of work and service, including the Sun.
  • Mars is stressed before the DC. It’s the first planet or quality you might encounter if you met her, and it’s the only planet aspecting her Sun, making it instrumental in helping her express the 6th House Sun qualities.
  • Her Age Point is currently approaching an exact conjunction with the Sun in 6th, emphasising a growing recognition of her own Leo sense of self as well as the area of life where this can be most effectively expressed.
  • Her Moon in Pisces is the tension ruler of the whole chart. It sits alone in the 12th House but is linked to most planets on the “You” side. It acts as a sensitive receptor for what is picked up and experienced in her interactions with others, but this may be filtered, felt and understood in the privacy of the “I” side of the chart and the 12th House.
The spiritual path of the individual is indicated by the Sign on the Ascendant. The esoteric Seed Thought for each Sign describes how we might develop the spiritual quality of the AC Sign. The Seed Thought for Pisces, her Moon and AC Sign, is “I leave the Father’s Home and turning back I save”.

News Update, 2nd May: She has just been nominated for a "Thinking Blogger Award" by Barbara, who is herself a holder of this award. A real accolade as her Age Point moves on to her Sun!


barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words.
That is very interesting to hear about some of the positive points about Abby.I think that she is doing some wonderful work for charity and I wish her the best for the upcoming run.
I admit to having my chart done many years ago; I have that stored away somewhere.
I'am a Virgo with an Aquarian rising sign.My Moon is in Capricorn.

I'am looking forward to reading you soon.
Take care,

Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much for your positive response. Like you, I'm also Sun Virgo, (aren't we Virgos wonderful...?!). You have strong, practical, earthy components in your chart with Sun & Moon both in Earth Signs. One of my first postings in March 2006 was about my chart - we astrological psychologists always put up our own charts to use as a teaching example as well as create a level playing field. I reckon that if I'm doing the charts of others then it's fair that mine is on view too!
I hope you'll enjoy finding out more about astrological psychology - and thanks for visiting!

GreenAbby said...

Dearest Mum

Thank you lots for looking at my chart on your blog. I feel privileged that you think it's worthy of being looked at in this way!

Lots of love,
Your daughter/GreenAbby xxx