21 Mar 2007

Andy Murray, tennis champion

July 2013 - Many Congratulations to Andy Murray on becoming Wimbledon Champion on 7th July 2013, and achieving the goal he's worked towards for so long. With his Age Point in Aquarius, and in the cardinal zone of the 5th house, he fully deserved this win and has worked hard towards it.  Well done Andy!

2012 update
I first wrote about Murray's chart in 2007, when he was 20. This post is now due for an update, with Murray's recent magnificent gold medal triumph in the London 2012 Olympics, swiftly followed by his win at the US Open in Flushing Meadows in September 2012.

Murray has doggedly and determinedly moved on towards his goal of becoming a Grand Slam Champion, and with this we've seen him mellow and become much more lovable and loved. Looking back at where he was by Age Progression when I wrote about him in 2007, his Age Point was at the intersection of his natal and node charts, and I mentioned that his focus would be on aiming to stand out in some way (like a champ!) The Age Point had, at that time, entered the sign of Capricorn, an earth sign, and has been steadily moving through this sign until just recently, when it moved into the air sign of Aquarius. When the Age Point changes signs, it also changes elements. Moving through an earth sign can be good for laying down strong foundations, for building up structures and for being organised and careful. But it can get a bit heavy at times, especially as the Age Point reaches the end of the earth sign. It could feel like wearing heavy boots clogged with mud, so a change of sign and element from earth to air - and in Murray's case, from Capricorn to Aquarius - will feel liberating and things will feel much lighter. So it's not really surprising that Murray has himself lightened up a bit, and in the process has achieved what must be a long-held ambition in his successful Olympic gold followed by winning the US Open.

Congratulations to Murray on his superb achievements this summer and on not being so dour as he's previously appeared!

Here's what I wrote in 2007: Andy Murray’s performance on tennis courts around the world is being watched keenly as British hopes for a Wimbledon victory rise. This young Scot, still only 19, is rated the UK’s best player and his world ranking has recently risen from 14 to 12. Now approaching his 20th birthday (born 15.5.1987, 14.10 BST in Glasgow), his Age Point is in Capricorn and on the Individuality axis of his chart. This should help fuel the determination of the already fiery and determined Murray!

The visual image in his chart is like an explosive firework, bursting upwards from the conjunction of Saturn, Moon and Uranus on the IC. Both Moon and Uranus are opposite Mars at the top of the chart, a combination in opposition which could give rise to explosive reactions and a flaring temper. (the famous John MacEnroe had a Moon/Mars aspect too!). Interestingly, Murray’s Wikipedia entry says he is “known for frequently petulant behaviour”.

The chart shows a strong vertical direction - Murray is motivated to achieve and wants to stand out; Sun and Mars high in the chart and are strongly placed in 9th and 10th Houses respectively. But both are fairly weak by Sign, making the drive towards individuality more of a challenge.

At tennis tournaments, his mother is always present and has been influential and supportive in his career. Let’s take a look at his Family Model. Saturn, representing the mothering principle, sits firmly on the IC alongside Moon, which represents the child. This closeness reflects his mother’s presence and support when he plays, and perhaps indicates Murray’s need for a stable “home”. Moon is sandwiched between Saturn and Uranus - on the one hand, Murray is close to his mother and needing her support; on the other hand, he can be rebellious, unpredictable and want to go his own way. There is a potential “push me-pull you” effect at work here; Murray could go either way. Add to the Moon/Uranus conjunction that opposition to Mars, and the irascible behaviour comes out. But Saturn’s influence sits alongside with his mother perhaps acting as a guiding mentor as well as a psychological anchor for him.

The Sun, representing the father figure, sits high in the chart demanding recognition. Along with Moon, Uranus and Mars, the Sun is part of an Irritation triangle. Could there be a more edgy, uncertain relationship with his father? The motivation associated with Irritation triangles is for the individual to respond quickly and explosively to situations when things start to feel pressured, or there is more going on than can be handled comfortably. The person will feel put upon and a blow up will ensue, followed by a fairly rapid return to normality. It may well be that Murray lives this out quite frequently when on the tennis court. How he might experience this aspect pattern in the context of the Family Model is something that could only be ascertained for sure through discussion with him.

One final profound feature in his chart: at age 8, his Age Point was conjunct Pluto. He was one of the children in the school where the Dunblane massacre of 16 pupils, along with teacher, took place. Understandably, he does not like to speak of this event, but his Age Point bears graphic testimony to this event.

Looking ahead, 2007 could be a key year for him. The Age Point of his natal and nodal chart is currently intersecting on the Individuality axis, so this will focus mind and energies on standing out in some way. And when he played in the Australian Open in January this year, he said that this was the best performance in his career.


yogi said...

Please, could you tell what is the source of the time of birth (14.10 BST)?

Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

The time is from his birth certificate

fensi88 said...

Can you tell me what is his real name from birth certificate, because I found on some sites that his name in birth certificate is Andrew, not Andy?


Joyce Hopewell said...

You're probably right that it's Andrew. I called him Andy as that is the name most of the media reports use.