24 Aug 2006


Astrological symbolism is all around! The qualities of the planets, which in the Huber Method represent our psychological drives, can be found everywhere in the environment - if we know how to to look for them! Take, for instance, Fort Boyard, pictured here. Located off the west coast of France, it's a strong, enclosed, impenetrable fortress. Surrounded by sea, it could be a haven of safety for those inside. Trying to get into it would be extremely difficult, it would be relatively easy to repel all unwanted visitors and if this structure were a person, they would be an expert at "stone-walling"!
Boyard has strong Saturnian qualities. Saturn is the planet which represents our drive for safety, security, our need for fixity, protection, for keeping things the way they are, as well as our need for structures, rules and systems that work efficiently.
Astrologically, Saturn is not always regarded as a bundle of laughs. It's a bit too solemn, stern and forbidding, and represents nothing more than restrictions, rules and regulations for some astrologers. But those trained in the Huber Method see Saturn quite differently.
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Saturn represents the world of matter and form. We ourselves are physical forms, and in the natal chart, Saturn symbolises, amongst other things, the physical body. It also symbolises, on a psychological level, such things as memory, the ability to be well organised, to create structures and systems, and yes, our doubts and fears will be somewhere in there too because they are part of the innate protective mechanism that helps keep us safe.
In the context of The Family Model (see chart of Princess Beatrice in previous post), Saturn also represents the principle of mothering. Traditional, conventional astrologers who equate mother with the Moon, throw hands up in horror at the thought of "Saturn as mother" - but hang on! I said mothering principle. Stop and think for a moment about who looks out for our safety and well-being when we are small, who feeds us, clothes us, keeps us warm, gives us the "rules" and guidelines to help us fit into society as we grow up, tells us to wash our hands before we sit down at the table, to clean our teeth and to be home by a certain time. It's the person in our lives who fulfils the function of mother. It may not be mum all the time; in our rapidly changing society it may be father who stays home and looks after the family, or grandparents, a significant other family member or guardian. Whoever it is, they will fulfil that mothering role. And this kind of caring and protection is attributed very firmly to Saturn.
    For fun you could start to look out for manifestations of this planet in everyday life. Happy Saturn spotting.

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