7 Aug 2006

Beatrice's chart - and Family Model

Well, here is Beatrice's chart (see previous post). It's a complete mystery to me why it wouldn't upload the last 7 times I tried ( I joke not...!).
A few more thoughts about her chart on the eve of her 18th birthday:
  • Saturn is closely conjunct Uranus; both ride high in the chart. There could be a "push-me-pull-you" effect of craving change and needing security.

In the context of the Family Model, Saturn represents the mother figure. In Beatrice's case, this is Fergie, and according to what can be read in the newspapers, they get along well. But check out the Moon, which represents the child - Beatrice herself - and you'll see that this is opposite the Saturn/Uranus conjunction, hinting at sparky times of conflict and confrontation between the two of them. This could be particularly pronounced in the area of relationships.

Not only that - if Saturn represents Beatrice's mother figure, then doesn't the conjunction with Uranus fit in with what is known about Fergie? Never one to conform to the "expected" norm of a royal-to-be before her marriage to Prince Andrew, she appeared as a bit of a lad, up for a laugh and with a mind of her own.

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