7 Aug 2006

Age Progression: Princess Beatrice's 18th

As BBC Radio Stoke's Resident Astrologer, I was asked to make some comments on air on the chart of Princess Beatrice as she celebrates her 18th birthday. Curiosity was aroused because she was born on 8.8.88 at 8.18 pm, in London. Is there anything significant in this line-up of "8's", the presenter asked, and how does this fit in with her 18th birthday? You may have seen in the press that a big party was planned for her, complete with guests wearing 18th century-style costumes. A search on the internet gives information on how mum Fergie is deeply into the 18th century, that Beatrice & Eugenie were named after previous royals from that era, and that an earlier Princess Beatrice was born in 1888.

So, what about all those 8's? And was her time of birth elected to increase that "8-ness" by Fergie having a caeserean section? I'm not a numerologist, but do I know some Kabbalah. In this system, the number 8 refers to the sphere on the Tree of Life known as Hod. This corresponds, amongst other things, to the planet Mercury.

In my internet search on Beatrice, I found a report on the BBC website about her being dyslexic. Now that's interesting since Mercury, associated with Hod as it is in Kabbalah, is the planet in astrological psychology which is associated with the drive to communicate, learn, and gather information. Mercury, in Beatrice's chart, is in Leo in 7th House, and conjunct her Sun, giving her a forceful ability to speak out and be noticed, but this conjunction only has blue/green aspects, so maybe it can be a bit laid back?

This could, however, be offset by the Efficiency triangle in her chart with Mars at its apex; her chart has a lot of red "doing" aspects. The Dominant Learning triangle of Moon, Pluto and Mars is retrograde, suggesting that she might need several attempts when learning major life lessons - perhaps reflecting some aspects of her dyslexia, too?

Her Age Progression is at a very significant point. Age 18 marks one of the major times on the Huber's LifeClock. It's the age when we start moving away from the safety of the "nest" to seek out our own individuality and make our own way in the world. We separate from the heritage and tradition we were brought up with (and how easy might that be if you're a royal princess?!); we want new relationships and the self-realisation that experience of these can bring.
Beatrice's Age Point is moving through Gemini, offering the potential for communication, the exploration of ideas, meeting a variety of people and learning new things. In 2004, her Age Point was conjunct Jupiter, indicating the opening up of new horizons and a spot of adventure. And there were media reports of her having a 24 year-old boy friend when she was 16......

She has a dynamic, flexible life motivation, with a strong tendency to be active, to be noticed and to come across in a Leonine way which is going to be hard to ignore! Yet the most beneficial thing she could concentrate on is to strengthen her own sense of self.

Blogger works in mysterious ways.........the chart that headed this posting has completely disappeared, and five attempts to download it again have all failed! So watch this space - and I'll keep trying!

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