5 Mar 2006

Astrological psychology - how to start with a chart

If I'm going to be commenting on the charts of other people, it seems only right that the playing field should be level to begin with, and that I should show my own chart and say a few things about it. I've been studying it, learning about it and better understanding it - and myself - for the past 23 years, and one of things that I and other tutors of API (UK) always do at the start of our workshops is to put our own chart up for the group and talk about it. So here is mine.

Visual image is where we start from - and even non-astrologers can do this! The coloured aspect lines in the central area of the chart, pointing towards the Moon, can be viewed as a bird's beak, the inquisitive nose of a small mammal, or as a the nose cone of a rocket. There is a sense of movement, of going somewhere with purpose; yes, this is me!

The colour of the red/green/blue aspect lines show the quality of energy available to the individual. If each colour is counted in my chart there is a predominance of red. Red aspects indicate activity, "doing" energy; green aspects confer awareness and sensitivity and blue ones indicate the ability to rest, relax and enjoy the moment. I have only two blue so it's not easy to sit back and do nothing - the excess of red aspects means I always want to be on the go, and find it harder to switch off and relax. This is all part of my unconsious inner motivation.

The shape that the aspect lines make is predominantly triangular. Again, this says a lot about my motivation. Triangular shapes (known as Aspect Patterns) show a motivation which is flexible, adaptable and able to go with the flow.

The overall direction the aspect lines and patterns take is predominantly horizontal, indicating that I am more interested in making contact with people, and working with them, than in carving out a prominent niche for myself. People come first, and have always been part of my work and professional life.

Which part of the chart has the greatest concentration of planets? Left or right? Top or bottom? Without a doubt, the left, or "I" side of my chart is packed with planets. This suggests I need my own space, and that I am focussed on knowing and developing myself. All true...but what about the horizontal direction of my chart, the working with people? The Moon - the planet at the "nose cone" end of the rocket - is the only one on the right, or "You" side, and it acts as the part of my personality which is sensitive to the needs of others. And on the "You" or "people person" side of the chart it is a very useful tool indeed to have there.

For more details on how to look at charts in this way, see tabs at the top of the page giving info on all my books and books by Bruno and Louise Huber on Astrological Psychology and visit the APA website for details of courses and training offered in Astrological Psychology.

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